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Our Strength Fitness Equipment Limited Warranty
Structural Steel Framework:    Lifetime
Rotary Bearings: 3 years
Weight Stacks: 3 years
Pulleys: 3 years
Guide Rods: 3 years
Structural Moving Parts: 3 years
Cable:   1 year
Linear Bearings, 1 year
Springs;          1 year
Upholstery: 9 Months
Handgrips: 9 Months
All Other Items Not Listed:    9 Months

As one of the leading brands of plateloaded gym equipment in the world, Hammer Strength machines are designed with ergonomics and performance in mind. Their apparatus is intended to move with the user’s natural motion during exercise, optimising the fitness experience and rewarding hard work and dedication with tangible results.

This is why Hammer Strength equipment remains an ultimate training tool for both seasoned gym-goers and those just starting out on their fitness journey.
From a Hammer Strength incline press to a decline Hammer chest press, this fitness equipment is designed with you in mind and completely unrivalled in quality. Offering a tried-and-tested addition to your gym or workout space, Hammer Strength equipment is perfectly placed to support your fitness routine and take your performance strength training to the next level.

Gymmax fitness China Hammer Strength Gym Equipment’s extensive range of Hammer Strength equipment and machinery includes everything from Hammer squat racks to decline Hammer Strength machines, in addition to weight benches and weight storage. This wide variety ensures that you can easily browse our selection and find the perfect equipment for your needs, completely personalising your exercise environment.

Gymmax fitness Hammer Strength equipment has been utilised by professional, elite athletes at the peak of their physical fitness for over 25 years. Now, you can train like the very best by incorporating Hammer Strength plates, machines, and equipment into your own gym, workout space, or performance training centre.
Simply browse our available manufacturing range of Hammer Strength equipment online today or contact a member of our team if you have any questions or queries.
China Hammer Strength Fitness Gym Equipment Fun fact of the day, Hammer Strength equipment is the most sought after equipment in the fitness industry. We know by personal experience because these gym machines are sold before they even land in our warehouse. Hammer Strength equipment is mostly plate loaded so you can pack on much more weights, but they do also make great selectorized machines.Consistent with their rugged and industrial look, they’re extremely durable and can take a pounding and withstand damage from any serious athlete. Our company has the luxury of doing installs for many of the large gyms so we’ve established great connections. These gyms then allow us the opportunity to buyback equipment and sometimes we have a chance to obtain some sought after Hammer Strength equipment.There are some Hammer Strength machines that we do get more often than others so we’ll break them down below. Enjoy our manufactory Hammer Strength guide with pictures too:



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