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Padel Tennis Court Classic I

Padel Tennis Court Classic I

size: 10 x 20 m

We design, engineering  manufacture and install padel courts all over the world. We use high-quality raw materials and we follow International Padel Federation regulation and European norms.  and our china padel courts including the classic padel courts, panoramic padel courts, indoor padel tennis courts and outdoor padel tennis courts.

Padel Tennis Court Classic I

   10 x 20m (Width x length)
   15cm C25 - C30 concrete with thick steel mesh
   10mm tempered glass
   4PCS 200W led projector
   11 - 13mm FB - MFF - TXT synthetic grass carpet
   100 x 100 x 2.5mm corner colons
   100 x 50 x 2mm colons in partition
   Length of 3 – 4 meters
   Modular screw system
   50 x 50m intraocular distance 3mm thick steel wire
   Water drainage system with a slope of 0.5%
   Padel Masts and Net
  Floor color: Green, Blue
  High UV resistance
  In accordance with Padel gaming standards



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