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ISO-Lateral Bench Press

ISO-Lateral Bench Press

Hammer Strength ISo-lateral BENCH Press

The Plate-Loaded Iso-Lateral Bench Press features separate weight horns that provide independent diverging and converging motions for equal strength development. Vertical and horizontal grip options replicate traditional bench presses or athletic movements.

Product Features

Standard Weight Horns 6
Starting Resistance 7 lbs (3.2 kg)
Frame Description 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity; Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability

Technical Specifications

Warranty Structural Frame (Coatings excluded): 10 year limited; Pillow blocks, pulleys, weight plates, weight stack guide rods and rotational bearings: 5 year; Linear bearings, linear shafts and cables: 1 year; Structural Foundation and Frame (excluding Surface Finish): 1 year limited; Items not Specified: 90 day; Upholstery, hardware, belts, springs: 90 day;
Dimensions (L x W x H) 49 in x 52 in x 69 in (125 cm x 133 cm x 176 cm)
Weight 350 lb (159 kg)
Product Code HS-700

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